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quit teaching? sure!

Oct. 11th, 2005 | 09:24 pm

so, on monday, i received a call from petrotrin, asking me to come become a member of their graduate trainee program. and in my head all i heard was the chorus of the heavens, and the clarion call of gabriel's trumpet, as god said "quit teaching? sure! heres a new job!"
thanks "G"
i owe you one
we'll talk (y)
in later news, i went to their physical today, and the doctor actually jiggled my gut...
i think thats a sign that i need to do more sit ups...
cuz it really isnt that much, but he really didnt need to jiggle it...
and finally
i'm not trying my best to write a letter to HR explaining that i quit
and i'm having a hell of a time not saying "YOU SUCK!" in it
maybe i should
then i could probably go straight to work at petrotrin without having to work that month

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The Potion Maker

Oct. 11th, 2005 | 09:22 pm

The Potion Maker
mikhailcharonium is a milky, runny beige gel made from the bile of a hippogriff.
Mix with mikhailcharon! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

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Oct. 8th, 2005 | 09:10 pm
mood: stressedstressed

randomness entry number 1
we are situated of the coast of venezuela waiting on the mad POS bomber to strike again so that we may move on with our lives again. what a life eh?
i picked up my comix today from Terrance. Phillip and Mark were there today too. This is at QRC btw. weird that an old CIC guy would hang out with a bunch of QRC folk? probably, but i hated CIC anyway. too damn uptight, and no real depth to show for their rep in my opinion. NEwayz, i got my stuff, and was chillin in the staff room, when phillip rolls in, with his wife
and i finally understood. phillips wife is HOT. when i saw her last she was a blimp. today she had little nathaniel in her arm and was like 100 pounds lighter. and hot.

other than that...this was like any other saturday. i lied to get out the house cuz if i told the parents how much i'm fed up of hearing their mouth run, i have to hear them run their mouths some more. honestly folk, i'm a grown ass dude. i dont need a freaking lecture on staying out liming. its not even like i got home late. or as if i was dealing drugs, or even involved in a drive by shooting. but no. apparently i'm the fucked up child who got the scholarship and stuff. "he must be mixed up in shit. look at him. he hung out with the wrong crowd and got a full schol to howard university. and while there hung out with the wrong group of friends and graduated on time Magna Cum Laude from Electrical Engineering. he MUST be a loser and easily influenced in idle shit."
and yes
that happens every weekend
aint my life wonderful
makes me so glad when i'm at work, i get home after 6, and have to leave before 6 in the morning. minimizes the time i have to spend listening to them drone on about inconsequential rubbish.
i'm running away from my topic. i was really supposed to gush over my new router
that i finally bought cuz my sister has been pestering me about getting her online at the same time that i am.
so i made her agree to share the cost of dsl, if i bought a router and networked the house.
now we just have to wait three months for tstt to come and do their business and get us highspeed.
fun fun fun
anywayz...i need my bandwidth now...all this anime wont download itself, and on dialup, every hour counts...as 5 megs, but it counts :P

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shitty days in sooo many shitty ways...

Oct. 7th, 2005 | 09:13 pm

well, i'm fed up...
i officially am just fricken fed up of teaching
i hate screaming myself hoarse trying to teach a bunch of adolescent hormone bags
and having to doge my fricken annoying and puchy heads of departments. thats right...
headS of departments. as in more than one. am i the only sucker oout there with 3 bosses?
or is that just my damn luck?
i mean, i'm teaching a total of 40 fricken classes a week. AND i have to do up lesson plans PER class. which works out to 40 lesson plans a week. all of which should have been submitted to the principal at the beginning of the term. information that they totally neglected to fill me in on when i signed my contract right before school began this august.
I love it....
right now...
i think i'm going to quit and say to hell with these kids and their damn school.
I'll just go back to designing security systems, and supervising the installation of telecommunication towers...
at least then i didnt have homework to take home and correct...

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